Christopher Harniman FFA FCMI – Director

Chistopher Harniman


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Comprehensive financial management

Christopher has earned a reputation for prudent financial management. His negotiation skills and financial expertise have been highly sought after by both central and local government.

Inspiration for Preside

Management Accountants Limited, an associated company of Preside, recently celebrating its 25th successful year, was formed by Christopher. In this role, he has become increasingly involved with property management and dispute resolution, leading his firm to become a member of ARMA and inspiring him to establish Preside.

Christopher has worked as a management and forensic accountant with government departments, banks and solicitors. He has been instructed to investigate service charge accounting, controls, discrepancies and accounting regulatory procedures including presenting evidence at courts and at the Land Valuation Tribunal.

Accurate, transparent and accessible

Christopher’s impeccable financial guidance and management are fundamental to Preside’s operations. He believes a managing agent’s role should encompass prudent control of client’s money, investment security, budgetary control, financial and strategic planning, effective collection of rents and service charges and most importantly, should provide clients with clear, transparent, accurate and accessible financial information.


Out of hours emergencies

We operate an out-of-hours emergency service. Please note that we can only deal with issues that require urgent attention and that cannot wait until normal office hours.

Please note, contractors are likely to charge a premium rate for dealing with out-of-hours emergencies.

For emergencies only, please call 0844 873 2342.