Preside – a fresh approach to property management

Building Façade
  • Guide, direct and control
  • Quality control systems
  • Accurate financial management
  • On-line access to information
  • Training and mentoring of staff
  • Paperless management where preferred

Preside’s mission is to be the leading residential block management company providing a personal service via caring and knowledgeable staff using innovative solutions.

Whether it is rising to today’s economic and environmental challenges or putting exceptional customer care at the forefront of our service, our philosophy is that “Preside must lead the way.”

To “Guide, Direct or Control”

We live by Preside’s definition “to exercise guidance, direction or control.” We will support our clients with clear guidance, making sure the needs of their buildings or portfolios are properly directed and finances are under strict control, raising standards in all areas of property management.

Our unique combination of experience has allowed us to put in place quality control systems of the highest standard. This makes us swift, flexible and responsive, allowing us to absorb new instructions of any size with ease, so that our clients can be confident their buildings are managed with the utmost professionalism from day one.

Transparent to the core

Accurate financial management and transparent accounting is the core of Preside’s ethos. We have invested in the best possible systems to satisfy that most fundamental concern of any prospective client - “Is my money safe, accounted for and reconciled?” The transparency of our regular reporting and on-line service allows you to confirm that it is.

We never forget that these are not just buildings we manage - these are people’s HOMES. Our managers are personable, professional and caring, and we support them with training and mentoring. At Preside, effective communication is paramount and our regular on-site meetings and ‘surgeries’ help to speedily resolve issues as they arise.

Meeting environmental challenges

Preside aims to be the UK’s first carbon neutral managing agent within the next 3 to 5 years. We strive to ensure environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable products are used by our contractors wherever possible. Preside encourages recycling and is leading the way in paperless management, having ensured our fully secure and externally backed-up systems are able to deliver all documentation electronically where preferred.


Out of hours emergencies

We operate an out-of-hours emergency service. Please note that we can only deal with issues that require urgent attention and that cannot wait until normal office hours.

Please note, contractors are likely to charge a premium rate for dealing with out-of-hours emergencies.

For emergencies only, please call 0844 873 2342.