Preside’s accounts – established, reputable and effective

Building Façade
  • Over 35 successful years in business
  • Initial financial health check
  • Transparent financial reporting
  • On-line services
  • Free Direct Debits via Coutts & Co
  • Dedicated accounts manager
  • Expert witness capabilities

Preside’s transparent, accurate and accessible accounting is firmly at the heart of all our operations.

Preside is fortunate in being able to draw on the wealth of expertise of its sister company, Management Accountants Limited, who recently celebrated its 35th successful year. Indeed, Preside’s creation was inspired by our sister company’s growing involvement in resolving property management issues.

Thorough approach and detailed reporting

At the outset, we carry out a financial health check from the existing records. Once the opening position is established, our accountants are involved with setting and controlling the budget, recording all financial transactions, collecting rents and service charges, credit control, dispute resolution and regular financial reporting.

Our accounting capabilities mean the sheer quality of information we provide significantly reduces the work and therefore the costs of certifying your accounts.

Like private banking - Preside offers a personal service

As befits the high-profile service Preside offers its clients, it is only natural we bank with one of the UK’s most reputable private bankers - Coutts & Co. (, who also provide free Direct Debit facilities. All client accounts are held in separate designated Trust Accounts in accordance with The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

Meet your property accounts manager

Our accounts team will understand your property’s needs as well as our property managers. Preside clients each have a dedicated accounts manager, who will meet clients personally to get to know them and provide a clear and direct line of communication.

Easy access via our on-line facilities

Whether it is financial control and budgeting, strategic planning, timely credit control or financial reporting, your accounts will be easy to access and understand. Preside’s on-line facility provides secure access to financial and property information, as well as the ability to make payments.

Forensic accounting skills – expert witness capabilities

Preside does not just process accounts. Our prestige is such that our accountants are often called to act as expert witnesses. Our expertise includes dispute resolution, arbitration and preparation and attendance for court or the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) proceedings.

For further information on Preside’s accounts services, please contact us.


Out of hours emergencies

We operate an out-of-hours emergency service. Please note that we can only deal with issues that require urgent attention and that cannot wait until normal office hours.

Please note, contractors are likely to charge a premium rate for dealing with out-of-hours emergencies.

For emergencies only, please call 0844 873 2342.